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Step Into Your Life

Did you ever find a great pair of shoes only to realize they were a size too small? Maybe you tried forcing your feet into them, walking around a bit to see if you could deal with the pain of owning those “perfect” shoes. Maybe you even purchased them but after a few wears suffered some physical damage to your feet, like a blister.

Sounds a bit silly – but when you are trying to “wear” a life that doesn't fit who you truly are, you are similarly going to experience nothing but discomfort.

Here are some symptoms of “wearing” a life that’s not yours:

  • You are having déjà vu, reliving the same situations, jobs, and relationships with just the faces and places changing
  • You feel overwhelmed, stuck or unfulfilled
  • Your life feels like all work and no play
  • You’re living on the fringes of your own life, taking a backseat to other people or other things
  • You’re in a dead-end (name it) but are too afraid to change – or don’t know where to start

Your Own North Star

You have intuition, an inner compass, your own North Star that is constantly guiding you to a joyful life. It never waivers and always steers you in the right direction. The problem is, you probably ignore it or don’t trust it.

That’s where life coaching comes in. I’ll teach you tools to determine what you really do want out of life. Then we’ll use exercises to empower you to make those changes. At your own pace, without judgment.

I think you’re ready to cast off what doesn’t fit, allowing your dreams to surface and experiencing the ahhhh moment that comes when you step fully into your life.

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It’s all good. It’s all about you.

I may not be able to help you find that perfect pair of shoes (well, actually I probably could; I know a lot of cool web sites) but I can help you to become aware of your unique gifts that you were meant to share with the world.

You were drawn to this site for a reason.
You are ready to step into your joyful own life!