210 Creek Rd, Mount Laurel, NJ
"Rancocas Woods" section of Mount Laurel

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Rita Strough—Spiritual Counselor

Rita Strough Spiritual Advisor

Rita Strough is a channel through which divine information and energy flows. Through interactions with others in private and group settings, Rita serves as the bridge between a person's intellectual mind and their higher self. In a session with Rita one can expect to have a dialog with angels, spirit guides, and his or her own higher self. Often times, a deceased loved one is available through Rita. This work is not an exact science. Learning to trust what comes in as a channel and sharing it is a blessing and very empowering to those whom Rita serves. She holds workshops to help people better attune themselves to these energies and gain a level of understanding of their human and divine nature.



Phone: Call Rita at 856-296-9771

Email: divine.being@comcast.net



Website www.iamadivinebeing.com

Radio Show www.talknangels.com