Chakra Clearing Meditation


Let’s begin by taking a nice deep cleansing breath and imagine you have nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to think about, just to relax.


Now, imagine yourself walking UP a Wooded Path and seeing the Red/Orange hugh of the Sun. You allow yourself to absorb the warmth of the sun as it touches your skin.


As you continue your walk, you come upon a lovely Golden/Yellow flower, you pause for a moment and gaze at it’s energy; you can feel or sense that this energy is permeating every ounce of your being.


With your senses heightened you continue walking along the path and feel the Cool Green shadows around you.


You look up, and notice a beautiful Blue Sky. You gaze at it for a moment and can feel the Blessings within it that it holds for you.


As you continue to gaze at the sky you notice it begin to change colors, from that beautiful blue to a darker Indigo Blue, and as you stand there you see a shower of beautiful Violet Light descend upon you. You allow that energy to wash over you and Bless you.


As you continue your walk up the path, you will notice in front of you, an open field surrounded on three sides by Majestic Trees.


(You are welcome to enter here. This is a sacred place; Your Sacred Place, where you can come to relax, be at peace and just get away for awhile.)


Continue to move toward the center of the field and imagine, just above your head a magnificent ball of White Cosmic Energy. It is your own freshly made Prana or life giving energy.


See this ball of white light sweep down all around and through your body. Allow this to happen several times. Then relax, just relax with your eyes closed for a minute or so.


(When you open your eyes again, you will be refreshed and renewed with your chakras cleared and clean white energy coursing through every part of your being.)


When you feel ready, take a deep breath and bring your attention once again to your present moment.


Have a Good Day or Sleep Well

~~~~~Blessing ~~~~~

Designed by A Shanti Way