Intuitive Counseling


Intuitive Counseling at My Inner Light Sanctuary is conducted via intuition, mediumship and vibrations felt from the electromagnetic field emanating from the body known as the Aura, while connecting with the angels, ascended masters and spirit guides. Tools such as Angel and/or Tarot Cards may be used along with Psychometry or perhaps an Aura Photo.


When one comes for a counseling session they will have the opportunity to ask specific questions such as: 


  • What is the next step for me at this time?
  • What influences are around me that I may want to
    pay attention to?
  • How might I create a better way of living for myself and those I love?
  • How might I overcome a specific personal challenge that has kept me from moving forward?


 In addition to any other personal questions one is seeking answers to.


Clients will have the opportunity to connect directly with their angels as they are guided through this process of self discovery.


It is best to approach Intuitive Counseling with an open mind and heart and allow the love of Spirit to fill you with new ideas and energy so you may continue to add your special brand of love and light to this world.


Please note that Intuitive Counseling is intended to help people that are at a crossroads in their lives, but is not intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor or a licensed professional therapist. For pricing click here.

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