The following workshops are available throughout the year. Check the event schedule. Also if you or anyone you know would like to host a workshop, I would be happy to talk with you. Please call.....609.685.7817


Journey i

Your Inner Light Sanctuary

Journeying enables us to send our Dream Body or Spirit into the Spirit World and is a powerful way of finding answers to problems or to discover information and wisdom that can facilitate our personal growth.

Inside each of us resides a place that is private, solemn, and secure.  This refuge is known as our sacred garden and/or inner light sanctuary.  Employing monotonous drumming and rattling enables us to transpose consciousness from the physical to the spiritual.  Here, we work within this spiritual realm to facilitate healings, and connect with our guides, teachers, spirit helpers, and deceased loved ones.  It is an environment filled with love and light, nurtured and protected by nature.

Journey iI

Journey Into Nature

Journey into the spiritual realms that have been created by the great dreaming of Nature. While there you will ask to meet your spirit helpers and travel with them through the Lower Worlds.

Journey iII

The Upper Worlds

The lofty spiritual realms above us are generally known as the Heavens, Paradise or the Upper Worlds. These regions have been formed by the dreaming of the high goddesses, gods, spiritual heroes and heroines, as well as saints, prophets and angels. These multi leveled regions are generally perceived as luminous and awe-inspiring realms of light. Come spend the evening with your spirit teacher and journey through the upper realms.

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