Private Yoga Instruction

  • Are you thinking about taking yoga and concerned about not knowing what to do in class? We offer you private yoga instruction that will enable you to join an existing class with confidence.
  • Do you want something more out of your personal practice? Do you want to refine your poses? Private yoga instruction can be designed for your individual body and capabilities.
  • Do you want to practice at home? Private yoga instruction can be designed as a personal practice and done in the privacy of your own home.
  • Have you been away from yoga for a while and are wanting to ease back? We can design your personal class to start off slowly and build up to where you may want to join a regular class with confidence.
  • Are you recovering from an injury or illness? Of course, check in with your doctor to see if you are ready for yoga. As you are aware, yoga is being integrated more and more with modern medicine. A personal yoga class can be designed to assist you in your recovery process. Yoga can also help in managing the pain associated with an injury or illness. In a personal class, you will be able to proceed at your own pace.

All of our private sessions will be designed for you as an individual with respect for your body and particular needs. Yoga combines the physical postures along with the quieting of the mind and coordinates the breath with movement. All of these aspects of yoga can improve your health and well being.

Call to schedule a private yoga instruction class.
856-227-0999 or 856-227-7277.

After we have scheduled the appointment you will receive a confidential questionnaire that will help to establish your particular needs, concerns and goals in order to develop a program designed for you.