I've had the good fortune of experiencing a few different modalities with Marge. From angel and tarot card readings, journeying, aura viewing and mediumship, it is easy to see Marge is really living her passion. Watching her do readings is like watching a magician at work. The messages flow lovingly, with joy, and at times humor that make us both laugh out loud. I recently had a tarot card reading with her and I walked away feeling clear, supported, and empowered. I've experienced her compassion and selfless nature first hand. Thank you Marge for bringing such joy to everything you do. I can't wait to see what adventures await us! Love.
Elizabeth G



The reason I went for a reading with Margaret was because I am currently looking for guidance in career and am networking a lot and working hard at my job. I was just curious to see what was in store for me after all this hard work I've been putting in. I had a reading with Margaret and it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was purely spiritual, inspiring and uplifting. I have had many readings before this, and many unpleasant experiences. It took me this long to find Margaret and I am so grateful I did because what we experienced in those 40 minutes was Spirit itself. Margaret was very accurate, warm, genuine and encouraging. I am so thankful for what I got spiritually from the reading. During the reading, we had direct spiritual intervention and messages from the Angels – I felt divine energy all around me. The angel that directly helped me in the past two years - came out that night to give me more than one message. His name is Metatron and he wanted to make sure that I knew I was being kindly guided and watched over with love.
Maria D



Marge was an absolute delight to work with. She is so personable and warm, I felt that I was talking with one of my closest girlfriends. Her information was insightful and provided in a positive manner which reinforced my own feelings. It is always a lovely experience. Her workshops are amazing.  You come out feeling so much more positive about yourself and in life
Nicole G



I first started Shamanic Journeying through Marge. It was one of my most enlightening experiences ever. Look forward to Journeying again."     Keep me posted with your workshops..

Love and Light,

Pam C  


Hi Margaret,
I just wanted to thank you again for the other day. I don’t think you realize how much it meant to me! I think you have the most amazing gift and talent to impact people’s lives in the way you do. I hope to be able to repay you in some way. (I have been telling a lot of people about you so hopefully it will be through referrals)!
Take care, Shane


I’m very fortunate to have experienced a bit of what Marge does, she’s remarkable and much needed!



I have had many visits with Marge over the last 4 years. Her spirituality always brings about a sense of calm no matter what I am experiencing at the time. I learn something new about myself during every encounter. She has guided me through letting go of an unhealthy work environment to one in which I am flourishing in. She has helped me understand how to help myself and others by changing the energy around us. I have also begun to realize that every situation whether good or bad will not last forever and something new will come along. I am grateful for having found Marge and her willingness to share inner peace with others.

Michele Hillman

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